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Christians must get bold, return to the old days when people (like USA pioneers) depended and trusted with their whole lives on the faithfulness of God fulfilling his word in the Holy Bible.

We are in end times, we need to decide that absolutely nothing can deceive us off of our Christian Religion.

***When we say "end times" we do not mean that the world will end within few years. We mean many prophecies of this coming time have been fulfilled as truth, and the rest will soon. Please do not think that all Biblical end times events happen within a 7 year (or a 3 ½ year) period.***

If someone is truly a Christian, then they need to #TRUST their Holy Bible (you need KJV for old days authority) and realize that everything ELSE is un-stable.

#TRUSTING the Bible, proclaiming outloud: “I may not understand this, but God does. I trust his word no matter what is happening”. This is what God wants. This is what Christians must do.

A. Accurate Historical Documents (what happened where and when and to who).
B. GOD's WORDS (through his prophets, by ordination of the Holy Ghost).
C. GOD's WORDS (direct from his own mouth / Jesus').
D. Guidance, inspiration, teaching and direction from God's people and original Church (Old Testament and New).

Examples of #BOLD #TRUST in Holy Bible, no matter what...

Now, the Holy Bible says that God so loved "THE WORLD". This Earth. The Bible is clear that there is no life on other planets. So even if "science" thinks it someday finds such, there is a Biblical explanation.

Science, is only “theories” of human man, and they are only considered factual until another person has new theory that proves the old wrong. It has taken a long time for science to align with the Holy Bible on many different things.

Christians need to become bold on the Holy Bible.

Lying signs and wonders will abound in the end times according to the Holy Bible. Therefore even if little green men fly in on a spaceship and land in front of the whitehouse, and the president shakes hands with them and tells us that there is life on other planets...... there is NOT.
The Holy Bible is fact, therefore *IF the depiction of these “aliens” was not computer generated lies, then these “aliens” would be “demons” staging lying hoax, for the purpose of destroying as much faith in Biblical truth as possible.

Christians need to become bold on the Holy Bible.

Now the Holy Bible says that God designed and created man and woman, in the image of God. Evolution is a stupid lie that cannot be proven by “science” even though they so badly want it to happen so that they can justify their acting like apes, living with no moral standard.

Let’s say that they suddenly found a grave yard full of bones depicting every evolution missing link stage supposedly between ape and man, and almost the whole world decided that evolution was fact. It is NOT fact...

The Holy Bible is FACT, therefore these bones are either manufactured by humans at some point in history and buried (could become easy to manufacture old looking “bones” in the future), or they are evil spiritual manifestation of some kind, or they are simply the bones of some really, really ugly apes.... or really ugly people from way back. There is no “missing link”.

Christians need to become bold on the Holy Bible.

In every aspect, from creation, to humanity, to sexuality, to the future, Christians must get bold and trust their whole lives on the faithfulness of God fulfilling his word in the Holy Bible. This will not be in vain, for it’s when a Christian (especially a whole household) does this, that they may become granted the gift of having supernatural intervention and signs and wonders revealing the secrets of God that only the elect are allowed to experience. This has been happening for 2,000 years. Amen.

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