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"Modern-day scent marketers have taken "smellvertising" a step further: developing artificial aromas that can be released on demand." - Cleveland.com Report

Here’s how it works. I'm outside downtown. WOW! I smell burgers and fries and my mouth starts watering, and I become so hungry.... Where is that coming from? The restaurant over there > I'm gonna get some food!

.....I have just been brainwashed (PROOF BELOW), and had my mind, emotions and my physical body saliva glands hyjacked by a toxic, harmful chemical. I have not smelled real food. My mouth is not watering because it is so very hungry. I'm having a chemical reaction to a fake smell chemical.

Why should I trust or buy from a restaurant that is LYING to my family!

This chemical reaction is not normal, and it is not natural, and it is not safe. In fact, for people with the modern and quickly rising affliction known as MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) it is actually dangerous.

Our ministry studies have found these brainwashing “food scent” chemicals cause anxiety, depression, confusion, disturbed thinking, rage, hatred, panic, red flushing face, light headed, nausea and more... Many family fights happen after exposure to these rage causing chemicals.

Many people stare at us with dis-belief as if we are idiots when we try to liberate them with this truth. But we think it’s idiotic not to want to know this truth, and get protected against what should be considered illegal brainwashing chemical warfare.

We are NOT talking about healthy, organic essential oils being diffused. We are NOT talking about an actual good, healthy food aroma. We are talking about mad scientists who have figured out how to use artificial chemicals that force the saliva glands to make the mouth start watering. To deceive the brain. To hijack the physical body, all to use us like puppets and force us into buying their crap product.

The level of diffusion is on the rise. Restaurants hundreds of feet away from roads are managing to get their fragrance into fast driving cars, through closed windows. Yes, every day people are suddenly smelling fake fries and fake burgers and their mouths are watering so bad, they cant resist. They have just been brainwashed, had their saliva glands hyjacked, and their behaviors have been manipulated by a brainwashing chemical.

Seriously? That's not really fresh baked bread I smell? “A supermarket showed impressive increase in bakery sales when the aroma of fresh bread was diffused through a scent machine. Scent stimulates appetite and the smell of our favorite food will make our mouth water and trigger us to buy.-source.

“We can help you choose the right scent system and strategy to automatically dispense the RIGHT fragrance at the RIGHT time. Your future residents won't have a choice but to sign a lease with your property after walking into your welcome office, model home, or taking a tour around your community.” - source

“Your customers sense of smell is one of the most powerful ways they will connect with your brand.” - source
“In fact, our sense of smell is the only sense that is directly linked to the part of the brain that processes emotions and memories. And research shows that people are 100 times more likely to remember what they smell vs. what they see, hear or touch.”

It should be illegal for stores, restaurants and anyone else to be spraying brainwashing synthetic chemicals onto people, for the purpose of manipulating their mind, their emotions, their choices, their behaviors.... and all without permission or disclosure.

Shall we even get started now on the toxic poison venting out of stupid dryers, making neighborhoods dangerous for humans, animals, plants and even staining homes yellow? Have you researched the chemicals used in your laundry products? Anything goes under the cloak ingredient "fragrance".

Fragrance pollution is the new second hand smoke. Teaching this truth is as hard as it was for the first people to come up against smoking everywhere.

Start sharing the #truth, get this conversation going... if you care about this.

Read our article: (?)FAKE SMELLS: #BRAIN WASHING Chemicals Diffused @Shopping @Restaurants @Hotels > SHOCKING TRUTH

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