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Things are at times seeming so problematic, and perhaps having feelings of not even deserving what Jesus is offering. So here is our advice: NEVER GIVE UP! Keep trying. Keep telling Jesus that you are sorry for mistakes, and then re-try to live according to Jesus’ laws and rules. If you mess up again, TRY AGAIN. Never give up...

No matter what, giving up is not the answer. No matter how you feel at any moment, no matter how bad, DO NOT GIVE IN TO GIVING UP!

And no matter what, if the spiritual enemy of this world comes around and tries to lead you into doing something wrong, or giving up... start praying hard, really hard to Jesus for help and protection (if you can - outloud so the spiritual realm can hear it) until that feeling of giving up goes away.

Many Christians are dealing with thoughts coming up in their minds that are really bad, the kinda stuff that only evil people would be having. Does that mean they are evil?

#TRUTH: We must all learn that the human mind / brain is like a computer, used to store and process information.

And brains are having issues in these days, trials and stress, that never existed before in history. The human brain is NOT where the actual life exists. Our souls are affixed into our hearts during human life. Here is where we can know who we are, and here is where we find our love for Jesus Christ.

This ministry has extensive knowledge of what is going on worldwide. I can assure you, everyone is having issues with their minds and their thinking. That is why the Holy Bible tells us to be “taking every thought captive in obedience to Christ”. Meaning, if thoughts of sexual abominations, blasphemy, horror, or any other sinful type of thoughts suddenly come into our minds, we reject it, pray against it, and try to connect our hearts to our minds, telling ourselves that this does not represent what I believe who I am in Christ as a Christian. (Learn truth now to understand what is happening > Chemicals, media propaganda, social brainwashing, PTSD, traumas, lies of the enemy are putting evil concepts into peoples minds daily, so do not be surprised if it bothers the brain. Just keep it in check and realize who you really are.)

Take care, and do not give up, and keep trying.
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