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[500 years ago], October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nails his revolution proclamation to the door.

This act may be more relevant now than then WHY? ...

The term “Catholic” was suppose to mean “Universal” for the Christian faith. But there was problems with people put in high places of authority, especially attempting to stand between God and man. That problem is very relevant today.

Every single “Christian”, no matter what [title] or [denomination] or [group] they think they associate with,

WE ALL should be proclaiming our own mental, emotional and spiritual revolution...

...protecting ourselves against the attempt to destroy our Christian Religion, and our civilized, normal, rational, logical, decent society.

The shameful behavioral whims of those who are [going insane] and [rebelling] against everything decent cannot destroy the #truth GOD has given us.

We are not pushovers!

Even if someone wears (priests garments), or a (preachers collar), and show you their "ordination" papers, their //college degree//, and tell you they have studied all the scriptures, studied all the [secret] and [dead scrolls], and read a thousand books, studied all religions, and has 1M subscribers to their youtube channel....

...They cannot change God's own laws, and they cannot change the truth, and they cannot re-write the history of the world to deceive us to into believing it starts with the whims of the present day “strong delusion” that is coming upon the land, causing people to “believe a lie”.

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