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As Christians, we have a difficult time tolerating sin.

And the fact is, God does not tolerate sin at all. This is why we have a Savior.

Human beings sin; God cannot tolerate sin; but our Lord Jesus Christ died in our place. This is the primary difference between “us” and “others”.

Non-Christians, who deny salvation, are exalting themselves above God’s standards for truth.

They believe that “sin” (as God determined) no longer exists - or if it does, there is no real standard for truth. They would believe that behavior is choice, and that they should decide for themselves what is acceptable or not. Even some of “us” (who call themselves Christians) feel that certain things are “covered by grace”, that the definition of “sin” has become blurred, and/or that we must not “judge others” lest we be judged (or accused of being unrighteously judgmental).

Yet, God already told us what to do and how to live. God is not “tolerant” even though He has demonstrated complete and total love. Additionally, Christ Jesus clearly stated that If we love him we will do his Father’s [GOD'S] will.

God’s will is expressed through the Command- ments and the Holy Word of God.

Discernment does not constitute unrighteous judgement, it means that we acknowledge the truth of God.

Actually, we are called to love, and love sometimes means admonishing sin rather than simply denying or ignoring the behavior that is putting a soul in harm’s way and/or going to send them to hell for all eternity.

We must be prayerful, yet cautiously loving, while standing firm in our belief of the truth.

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