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// MIND: FORCE Positive Thoughts Against Negative * 5K+ ↓↓   ↓

We encourage you today to realize what type of thoughts you are allowing your mind to be filled with. Are they negative? Are they destructive? Are they full of fear?

Christians are being called, greater than ever before in history, to start countering negativity with positive.

Replace fear with messages of faith and hope. If you find this very difficult, then force it. Pretend you feel joyful. Search your heart for things you are happy and joyful about, and try to bridge this to your mind.

Dear Jesus,
please help your people with this.
Please help me with this.
There are so many fears and what-if’s.
But in your mighty hands Jesus,
there is a master plan,
and you see all things.
Help me to be comforted in trust with you,
and help me to take control of my negative thoughts to become a more positive person.
Thank you for all you do,
I love you Jesus.

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