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// YES: Jesus is Still Performing Miracles PRAYER* 6K+ ↓↓   ↓

Yes, Jesus Christ is still performing miracles, every day and every night, 24 hours a day. Every Day people are experiencing the Power and the Presence of Jesus as He is alive and active!

Please let us share something with you: we are all struggling and suffering in various ways. Everyone is having problems. If you are having problems, you are not alone. Whether or not you are a Christian, Jesus wants to help you out. He wants to reveal the truth about what is going on: not only Spiritually, but mentally, emotionally and physically. If you have received the Holy Lord Jesus into your life, and made the “sin exchange” where Jesus himself agreed to take your sins, and take the punishment for them, then you are a Christian who has direct access to Jesus Christ and His Holy Ghost. You do not need a preacher or anyone else to help you get to Jesus. Many people around the WORLD are going to be praying this prayer, so lets agree:

Dear Jesus,
Holy Lord GOD Almighty,
please hear us as we agree with every Christian who is praying this to you around the world.
Please increase your miracles in our lives.
Please increase your presence in our lives.
Your people seek you Jesus, we call upon you for help,
please reveal your work more so that we can experience your Power.
Dear Lord,
come into my heart more,
I desperately need you Lord.
I need your help,
I need your grace,
I need your mercy,
I need you to comfort me.
As I do my best to wait for your move,
I thank and praise you for all you have done,
known and unknown to me.
I love you Jesus,

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