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It’s not a choice. Yet, somehow we cannot really do it. It’s just too hard; they did such wrong; they do not repent. Simply put: it’s beyond us to do it.

Simply put: to forgive means that something is FOR-GIVING.

Give it to God. God alone is the true and righteous judge.

God knows and sees beyond what we do. God will judge them; we no longer have to, and we don’t have to bear this burden anymore, either. Give it all to him.

Ask Jesus to take it; He did say “my burden is light” (Matthew 11:30). His burden (which you have now given to him) has now become light.....you can shine in it!

And knowing you have willed (by giving) and done what The Lord has asked of you - has set you free!

What we know; The Lord will judge them. Jesus accepts the burden. He requires us to give it to him. We are doing what He asks of us. We have for-given and will keep forgiving. We are now freed from it.

Lord help us to do what you said to do.
Help us to forgive them.
What they did was wrong.
We are hurt,
and you know everything.
Please bear the burden; please take it.
We give it to you for true and righteous judgement.
Free me from the chains of unforgiveness, please.
I trust in you to take care of this.
Make my burden light.
It’s much easier to be yoked to you than to them.
I give them to you, they are for-given to You, because only you can righteously judge their minds, hearts, and souls.
You will judge me, too.
Please be merciful and take all my sins to the cross.
I pray your precious blood to cleanse my mind and heart time and time again.

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