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The Rainbow was a major promise sign from GOD, that he would never again completely wipe and re-start humanity because of their abominable, shameful sins. Genesis 9:13-15 KJV

SO, now that a profane percentage of modern society has regressed into former pagan ways that Christianity once progressed and liberated their ancestors from...

They have become filled with HATE and mockery of GOD, and as result they support the indulgence of sexual deviation and the whims of mental illness which GOD utterly condemned...

..therefore what better way to mock GOD than by stealing his beautiful promise sign, the RAINBOW, and claiming ownership over it!

Sadly, the use of the rainbow, also shows lack of intelligence, because while they are mocking GOD with their choice to reject him and his laws AS IF he did not exist, the use of the rainbow as their logo is also proclaiming the message of:

"we are getting away with whatever we want because GOD promised with the rainbow sign not to utterly destroy us like he did before."

The use of the word "PRIDE", also seems strategically chosen to mock GOD, because the Holy Bible is clear with the message that: "Pride" based upon sin, will be utterly destroyed with CONDEMNATION:

"Pride goeth before DESTRUCTION, and an haughty spirit before a FALL." Proverbs 16:18 KJV

What is "haughty"? The definition is "disdainfully proud; snobbish; scornfully arrogant; supercilious:"... A perfect definition.

Those in "PRIDE" of their sins against GOD, and their sins against humanity, and their sins against the developing minds of little children who are being traumatized, and their sins against the confused minds of teenagers who are struggling to find themselves amidst social brainwashing lies...

...are unable to comprehend that their claim of "hate", which they use when someone does not approve of their shameful behaviors, is actually an immature, dysfunctional lack of understanding, because those who are willing to refuse sinful behaviors - actually have more "love" than those who accept sinful behaviors, because those who reject such behavior cares more about the eventual eternal placement of the peoples’ own souls.

Another words, who cares more about their child? The parents who let their kid run around in rebellion while the parents proclaim: "I love my child, so I allow and accept anything they do" - OR - the parents who follow the time-tested rules of good parenting, and therefore proclaim "I love my child, so I will not allow them to do behaviors that will get them into trouble and harm"?

Biblical Christians care about what happens to people, and that is a form of "LOVE" that the world cannot understand. And that "LOVE" causes us to reject what GOD has called evil. It would be evil to accept evil. And we bear witness to the TRUTH that GOD has made a permanent commitment, a promise; that those who pride themselves in their sins will receive the following.... (Escape plan provided below)

+ Everlasting Fire (Matthew 25:41)
+ Lake Of Fire (Revelation 20:14)
+ Second Death - indicating what happens after physical death (Revelation 20:14)
+ Torment with Fire and Brimstone (Revelation 14:10)
+ Stench of Burning Sulphur (Revelation 14:10)
+ Continual Torment Smoke (Revelation 14:11)
+ No Rest Day Or Night (Revelation 14:11)
+ Worms That Do Not Die - indicating continual flesh eating (Mark 9:44)
+ Fire Is NEVER Put Out (Mark 9:44)
+ Furnace Of Fire (Matthew 13:42)
+ Screaming, Growling, Gnashing of Teeth / Grinding Teeth (Matthew 13:42)
+ Not even a drip of cool water on the tongue is allowed (Luke 16:24)
+ No escape (Luke 16:26)

Jesus Christ, the Biblical GOD who cleans people of all sins, and changes their lives from sinners into saints, and provides answers to all questions, and knowledge and power the world cannot understand or receive, and provided prophecy that is being fulfilled as truth - is waiting for a few last souls to find him before its too late!

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