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// PRAYER 77: My Strength Has Failed Me Again #prayer #christianity* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Lord Jesus,
my strength has failed me again.
In my error, I tried to use it to stand strong.
But I have fallen again.
For there is no strength that can stand except yours.
The strength you give exceeds the strongest man.
The strength you give withstands all the enemy.
Fill me and protect me with your strength as I fight this battle.
Fill me and protect me with your strength so I can win this war.
For without you I can do nothing.
Without you I stumble day and night.
Without you I fall down on my face.
But with you, I am secure.
With you, I am strong.
With you, I am kept safe.
With you, I am protected from harm.
With you, my life has meaning and hope and endurance.
Be with me always oh Lord Jesus Christ, God of my salvation.

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