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Jenny and Bryan have both co-inherited a large Victorian house in the country. She wants to open a “B & B”, and he wants to do a quick sell and get back to his high rolling New York City job. They are thrown together by circumstances.

The film starts off with an exciting, close-up of high rollin’ chef and kitchen restaurant scene that instantly took me in.

I laughed many times, and I was touched by the films good quality. But it wasn’t until I watched it the second time that I realized how truly good this movie is.

The acting is so good, that it just seems real, and generally better than that of a major movie in theaters. This is not a “B movie”, it’s a masterpiece.

There is no content issues in this film, nothing to fast forward through or mute. There is a moral about life, and we highly recommend it. I'm looking forward to seeing part 2.

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