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What if someone lies about who and what they are? What is someone who tells lies called? LIAR!

Liars have yet to bully the dictionary into re-writing the definition of “lies”, which is currently defined as “a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.”

And yet there are those who want to bully us all into submission, like puppets, into believing that it is a persons right to be a liar, and lie about who and what they are, with “deliberate intent to deceive”.

And they are after the children, to secure their movement of lies. What happens when children are being taught that it is normal to lie about who and what they are? They learn that lying is acceptable, and they start to lie about everything. Then society disintegrates more and more. Society should be teaching the children to reject lies from liars.

The liars are not “progressive” as they claim, but are actually regressive - to return to the former pagan ways that history had rooted-out as a result of Christianity and the truth given between right and wrong behaviors.

Christians must do "works" to protect truth, and reject wickedness! Because when they get bored with their current perversions, they will come up with something even filthier. Read the Bible, because it’s accurate historical documents account for what wicked pagans were doing before God liberated them from their wickedness.

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