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"Prosperity Gospel" or "Prosperity Preaching" seems to be a very popular theme lately. I was on a Christian ministry website to pray for people on the prayer list, and the whole time I was trying to focus on this task, I kept getting distracted by the featured gifts items on the left side of the screen. One was a book titled "Making Your Money Count." The other book was written by a woman preaching that "debt is a state of mind."

Now it’s true that prosperity is most definitely in the Holy Bible, Old Testament and the Gospel. Jesus Christ blesses people with prosperity every day. Many of these preachers and authors who teach about prosperity are doing good. However, is there anyone else reading this who is sick and tired of seeing and hearing rich upper-class Americans preaching to rich upper-class Americans about how to make more money?

Earth (at this point) is a new-age world, where sects, cults, and warped perverse versions of Christianity are constantly popping up left and right. As Christians in these end times, we must be extra careful about who we listen to and what teachings we accept. Many of these Christians who follow monetary prosperity preachers seem to believe that once they have accepted Jesus Christ, they are entitled (by their Christian right) to receive monetary prosperity. Some of these preachers even go as far as to say that Jesus wants you to have a "wealth transfer". However, the Jesus Christ I know (from the Holy Bible) didn’t own much more than the clothes on His back. He told the original church in Mark 6:8 to have "no money in their purse" when they went out preaching. Jesus warned in Matthew 19:23 that "a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven." Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I believe Jesus won’t help someone to get monetary prosperity, especially in time of need. But something just doesn’t seem quite right about this whole "prosperity preaching" thing.

I believe that many "prosperity preachers" are missing the truth of prosperity completely. What is prosperity? What is prosperity from God? I intend to prove to you the truth of what prosperity from God is really all about. If you read on, I believe that God will provide you with absolutely major prosperity in the next few moments...

Many of you will easily be able to answer yes to every one of the following questions. Sadly I know that some may not have been able to. In either case, I hope that God reveals the understanding we are trying to teach. The truth of what prosperity is really about.

1. Do you have food to eat?
2. Do you have a roof over your head?
3. Do you have safe water to drink?
4. Do you have eyes that can see?
5. Do you have legs that can walk?
6. Do you have both arms?
7. Do you have hands and fingers?
8. Can you breathe properly?
9. Can you hear sounds?
10. Can you go to the bathroom properly?
11. Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?
12. Are you saved from hell and damnation through the Blood of Jesus Christ?

Thank you God, Jesus for your blessed gifts of prosperity upon us!

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