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// PRAYER 91: I Do Not Need To Fear Anything * 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

I do not need to fear anything.
I do not need to fear anyone.
I do not need to fear any sight.
I do not need to fear any sound.
I do not need to fear people or things.
I do not need to fear the enemy.
For when I became a Christian,
a sheep of the flock of Jesus Christ,
the Biblical Messiah Son of God,
He wrapped his hands around me,
and no one and nothing can break past his holy powerful hands.
He says so!
Thank you Jesus that I can be in peace,
knowing that you are strong enough,
and powerful enough to protect me,
to keep me safe,
to watch over me,
to guard my heart and to guard my mind under thy control.
My days are your days.
My life is yours.
I trust in thee to protect me.

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