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// PRAYER 93: Bring Me Back To The Flock God #christian #prayer* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
I am one of your little lambs.
Please comfort me,
when I get scared,
because there are so many things out there beyond the pasture.
Oh Lord,
I trust in you because you are the good shepard.
You said you would take care of your flock,
and I know that this means anytime anything bad tries to come around,
you are the one who takes care of it.
I am but a sheep,
and you love me.
You have proven this time and time again.
So please come to my comfort now,
for I wondered off a little too far,
and got scared,
and now I need your comfort.
Bring me back to the flock,
where I am at peace.

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