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// PRAYER 94: I Will Be Ready For The Last Trumpet @RAPTURE #ready #prayer #christian* 5K+ ↓↓   ↓

When that last trumpet blows,
I will be ready.
When that last call is made,
I will be ready.
When you finally return,
I will be waiting.
I am excited and joyful,
and yet full of fear at the coming of the Lord.
How can this be?
Other than your Word,
I don’t know how things will go,
but I trust in thy word,
for I know that it is the absolute truth.
So until that time comes,
it is still scary to me to think of leaving everything that I have known here on earth,
but I will do it,
because you are the one who has saved me Lord Jesus,
and I will come into your Heaven when you say it is time.
Please find me worthy,
and help me and my loved ones to escape wrath.
Thank you.
I choose to trust in thee,
for every bit of protection that I need.
In Jesus Holy name,

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