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// PRAYER 98: #JESUS is The Deliverer @EVERYTHING #christian #prayer* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

There are so many traumas,
so many hurts,
so many things of the past.
How can one truly be free?
Only by your hand,
only by your power,
you are the Christ.
Not "a" Christ,
but "the" Christ,
My Lord and Savior.
And now I ask,
that you reach down from Heaven,
touch my brain,
touch my heart,
my emotions and break any strongholds that try to bind me to traumas and fears and other things of the past.
Rebuke all the wickedness and memories and thoughts,
and heal the pathways in my mind.
I trust in you to do this now,
simply because I ask you to.
I know from your word that you healed everyone who called out to you in faith.
Now I symbolically and literally take these problems,
and reach out to hand them to you oh Lord.
I trust in you to deliver me,
for you are the deliverer.

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