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One Christian Ministry Privacy Policy

The One Christian Ministry owner(s) take your rights to privacy seriously, and want you to feel comfortable using One Christian Ministry. This privacy policy deals with personally-identifiable information (referred to as "data" below) that may be collected by this site. This policy does not apply to other entities that are not owned or controlled by the One Christian Ministry owner(s), nor to persons that are not employees or agents of One Christian Ministry, or that are not under the control or One Christian Ministry. 

1. Acceptance Of Terms Of Use, Privacy Policy and Amendments
One Christian Ministry is a website consisting of various web pages and content, owned and operated by it's owners / administrators.
One Christian Ministry authorizes you to access, view, interact with (and in some cases download from) our website and it's content conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions and notices contained within our Terms Of Use  and Privacy Policy (which you are currently viewing) sections. Your use of the One Christian Ministry website constitutes your legal agreement without modification to all such terms, conditions and notices found within our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These legal notices are for our protection and yours as well. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Each time you use or cause access to One Christian Ministry, you legally agree to the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time with or without notice to you. In addition, if you are using a particular service hosted on or accessed via One Christian Ministry, you will be subject to any rules or guidelines applicable to the said services, and they will be incorporated by reference within our Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy. Please refer to this site's Terms Of Use, which is incorporated within this Privacy Policy by reference.

2. Collection of data
You are not required to register a user account with One Christian Ministry, however some sections or services may require you to do so. Registration of a user account on this site requires only a valid e-mail address and a user name that has not been used already. You are not required to provide any other information if do not want to. Please be aware that the user name you choose, the e-mail address you provide and other information you provide may render you personally identifiable, and may possibly be displayed on One Christian Ministry intentionally (depending on choices you make during the registration process, or on the way in which the site is configured) or unintentionally (such as, but not limited to, subsequent to a successful act of intrusion by a third party). As on many web sites, One Christian Ministry may also automatically receive general information that is contained in server log files, statistical logs and security tracking such as your IP address, and cookie information. This site uses cookies, as set forth in section 4. Information about how advertising may be served on this site (if it is the One Christian Ministry owner(s) policy to display advertising) is set forth below.

3. Use of data
Data may be used to customize and improve your user experience on this site. Efforts will be made to prevent your data being made available to third parties unless (ID 1033 0 1) provided for otherwise in this Privacy Policy; (ii) your consent is obtained, such as when you choose to opt-in or opt-out for the sharing of data; (iii) a service provided on our site requires interaction a third party with or is provided by a third party, such as an application service provider; (iv) pursuant to legal action or law enforcement; (v) it is found that your use of this site violates this policy, terms of use (service), or other usage guidelines, or if it is deemed reasonably necessary by the One Christian Ministry owner(s), or administrator(s) to protect their legal rights and or property; or (vi) this site is purchased by a third party, in which case that third party will be able to use the data in the same manner as set forth in this Policy. In the event you choose to use links that appear on One Christian Ministry to visit other web sites, you are advised to read the privacy policies + terms of use policies that appear on those sites.

4. Cookies
Like most web sites, One Christian Ministry sets and uses cookies to enhance your user experience, such as retaining your personal settings. They may be used for statistical purposes as well. Advertisements may appear on One Christian Ministry and, if so, may set and access cookies on your computer; such cookies are subject to the privacy policy of the parties providing the advertisement. However, the parties serving the advertising do not have access to One Christian Ministry's cookies. These parties usually use non-personally-identifiable or anonymous codes to obtain information about your visits to this site. You can visit the Network Advertising Initiative if you want to find out more information about this practice, and to learn about your options.

5. Minors
People aged thirteen or younger are not allowed to become registered users of this site. Minors are also advised to use parental supervision when accessing One Christian Ministry. For more information, please contact the webmaster.
6. Editing or deleting your account information
This site provides you with the ability to edit the information in your user account that you provided to during the registration process, by visiting your personal home page configuration page. You may request deletion of your user account by contacting the webmaster. However, any archives of One Christian Ministry content, pages or database created prior to the removal of your information may still contain your data. In fact, if a database archive get's re-loaded, your information could potentially get put back in / become active again. You agree to revoke any rights claims against One Christian Ministry owner(s) resulting of this potential issue. In the case that this should happen, contact the administrator to have it removed again. Content or other information that you may have provided, and that is not contained within your user account, such as posts that may appear within site forums, may continue to remain on the site at the One Christian Ministry owner(s) discretion, even though your user account is deleted. Please see the site's Terms of Use for more information.

7. Changes to this privacy policy
Changes may be made to this policy from time to time. You may be notified of substantial changes to this policy either by through the posting of a prominent announcement on the site, and or by a message being sent to the e-mail address you have provided, which is contained in your user settings. However, notifications are not guaranteed.

8. Email Article / Content Form
One Christian Ministry has a form which allows you to email articles / content to someone. In addition to our form terms of use (found in the terms of use section), you need to know about your privacy. As noted in section 9 of this privacy policy, we monitor and log all activities. We will know when you use this form, and we will be logging any name or email address that you provide. We are not logging this information for any form of "harvesting" or collecting of email addresses. We are logging this information because it has to be sent through our server. Knowing if our visitors are using this form appropriately is part of security! There is also a statistical interest, knowing when our form is being used and for what. Your use of the email an article form constitutes your agreement to our use of this information for security and statistical purposes.

For the purpose of security, One Christian Ministry monitors, tracks and logs all I.P. addresses, every page they hit (url, time, date, etc) and associated activities throughout the One Christian Ministry website. This information will be used for statistical purposes, and as noted: SECURITY. Why security tracking? We need to know if anyone or any robot may be trying to maliciously abuse our website. There is also an interest in statistical information - knowing who is viewing what, from where, etc. Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to our tracking and logging your information for security and statistical information.

While this privacy policy states standards for maintenance of data, and while efforts will be made to meet the said standards, the site editor(s), administrator(s), owner(s) and affiliate(s) are not in a position to guarantee compliance with these standards. There may be factors beyond the control of One Christian Ministry that may result in disclosure of data. Consequently, One Christian Ministry offers no warranties or representations as regards maintenance or nondisclosure of data.

11. In Closing Rights Revoke:
You agree to revoke any and all claims against ONECHRISTIANMINISTRY.COM (it's owner(s), writer(s), administrator(s), affiliate(s), web designer(s) and or anyone/anything in direct connection to ONECHRISTIANMINISTRY.COM) resulting of browsing, visiting, accessing ONECHRISTIANMINISTRY.COM, using a service or function of ONECHRISTIANMINISTRY.COM, downloading any content or media from ONECHRISTIANMINISTRY.COM or any other reason.

If you have any questions about this policy or One Christian Ministry, please feel free to contact the webmaster.

- October 2021

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