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Forgiveness is of God. It’s part of His plan for our lives. He not only wants us to forgive others, but commands it of us. "But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father [GOD] forgive your trespasses"- Matthew 6:15. Often Christians think that once they have offered forgiveness towards someone, that means that they wipe the slate clean, and pretend like the sinner never sinned against them. This is a fine act that keeps relationships going, and may be very pleasing to God. However, I question certain circumstances. Could it actually be a sin to allow others to continue to sin against us, if we have the ability to put an end to it? For example, an abused woman who’s man continues to do evil against her mentally, spiritually and maybe even physically. She must follow God’s will and choose to forgive this man for his sins against her, but where in God’s word is she commanded to remain in danger? Where in God’s word are we commanded to continue getting abused and sinned against, especially when we are making a choice to allow it to continue?

Is it possible to love and forgive someone, yet be forced to have absolutely nothing to do with them because of their sins and choices?

If we look to the highest authority example possible: God, we will find that He loves us more than anyone else could. God offered the ultimate form of forgiveness (His son on the cross paying for our sins). Yet, there are still people who are going to hell. In fact, more souls are going to hell than are going to Heaven. Once there, God will have absolutely nothing to do with these souls for all eternity. The reason is, their sins against God, others and themselves, have forced God to have nothing to do with the sinner. Their sins have separated them from God. Their sins have caused God to put up boundaries, and put an end to any relationship they could have had with Him.

If God can love someone more than anyone else could, and choose to forgive them in a way that no one else could, and have absolutely nothing to do with them because of their sins and choices, then who are we not to follow in God’s ways for our own protection and survival?

Is it God’s will for someone to choose to forgive those who sin against them? YES! Is it God’s will for someone to continue to allow themselves to be abused and sinned against by someone that they should not even be around? Someone they should not have a relationship with, because they are dangerous? I don’t think so.

Repentance, and change is the key.

Thanks to the grace and love of God, if someone repents of their sins, and changes their life, their choices, their ways, through Jesus Christ they may be accepted by God in forgiveness. They may have a relationship with God, if they stop doing what was causing an end to the relationship.

Likewise if that man who verbally, emotionally and maybe even physically abuses his woman, would recognize his sins, repent, stop sinning, change his ways and ask for forgiveness, it could save their relationship. However if he doesn’t repent and change, and she keeps allowing herself to be victimized by his wickedness, what will happen?

Sadly, many people would rather suffer various forms of victimization, abuse (even dangerous abuse) and sin rather than make the choice to end a dangerous relationship with someone, even if it’s a relationship that should not exist.

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