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For all Christians - from the well experienced, well tried and tempted, to the brand new, freshly saved Christians, who still have a lot to learn... it’s hard to survive in this world. In fact, it’s harder than it’s ever been on earth. The Bible says so in Revelations. Along with all of the wickedness around us, we have our own negative, destructive, self defeating thoughts, depression, fear... these things will try to pull us into a black hole. That is why as Christians, we must make the choice not only spiritually, but mentally, emotionally and physically to stand strong, and fight the good fight for Jesus... FOREVER!

We must make the choice to keep treading on, day and night.

We will have good times, we will have neutral times, and we will have bad times. No matter what we are going through, we must keep our faith!

We must open our Bibles, and read the New Testament red letters, the words of Jesus Christ and let them teach TRUTH into not only our hearts and souls, but our minds and bodies as well.

Jesus never said anything that wasn’t true. Therefore, if you are a Genuine Christian, you WILL inherit and receive every promise and commitment He has made to you! If you do not trust this, all is lost. Keep the faith and never give up! And remember, your brothers and sisters in Christ are going through tribulation as well.

It’s vitally important that we stay true to the word of God, true to the Holy Bible, and live our lives how God told us to. Let’s not be like the world, and pretend God didn’t tell us the difference between what is right and what is wrong. If we don’t live God's way, what good will there be upon the face of the earth?

Let’s remind ourselves, who we are in Jesus Christ! AMEN!

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