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Jesus prayed: "Thy will be done." How do we know the Father's will? Firstly, the Bible tells us the will of the Father. More importantly, a faithful (faith-full) child of God is obedient; as a child is to a parent. We become obedient to God through guidance of the Holy Spirit. His truth guides us because we choose to know Him; then to follow His will. His will becomes our will, through prayer and choice.

If we choose to disobey God, inter-conflict arises. It is the warning of the Holy Spirit. If God warns you this way, stop immediately. Ask God for truth and guidance. Ask for the Holy Spirit to lead you. Go to the Bible if you are still confused.

Spiritual discipline (arising from faith) leads us into true devotion which then becomes consistent faithfulness. Being faithful would then be seeking to know, experience, and choose the presence of God each and every moment.

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