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// PRAYER 498: Christian Prayer For The Day* 5K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
my Lord and Savior!
I love you so much,
my heart cannot express through words what you mean to me.
You are the one who set me free,
you are the one who delivered me.
What you offer,
no one else can give.
What you offer,
no one can destroy.
We all need you so much Jesus,
when will you return to us?
Please consider those who are yours,
and are in tribulation at this time.
Please consider those who are in need of you!
Please consider the children who are innocent,
yet being lead into evil by their parents.
Please continue to smite the wicked,
destroy the evil plots,
and rescue your faithful.
Dear Jesus,
please help us to be strong,
and trusting in you.
Thank you Jesus,
we love you so much!

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