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Many professing Christians and non-christians like to believe and claim that when they see or hear of people having abnormal Christian experiences, such as at Christian crusades (falling backwards, laying down, crying, getting really happy, ecstatic (ecstasy), intense worship, powerful, etc) that they are having an "emotional reaction". People who choose this belief are standing with one foot on the truth, and one foot on lies, while messing around with blasphemy.

It's true, people who experience a real Christian experience are having an "emotional reaction". What others watching don't understand (probably because they never experience it themselves), is that it's impossible to have an experience with the presence of God / the Holy Ghost, without your emotions being involved. In fact, some have the love "chemical" (as if falling in love with someone, that good feeling) flood their body system as they fall in love with Jesus. So to say that interacting with God almighty and his Spirit is emotional, you bet. To say that you have an emotional reaction is also accurate. But many don't really believe that these people are having an experience with Jesus or the Holy Ghost, and that's why they explain it as being an "emotional reaction".

However, to believe that they are ONLY having an emotional reaction (meaning that their behavior, responses are purely based upon emotions, and not the response of an interaction with God and his presence) is wrong. If they are having an interaction with the Holy Ghost, then they are having an interaction with the Holy Ghost, even if someone else can't understand or explain it. If they are having an emotional experience because of the Holy Ghost, then it's not simply their emotions that are shaping their behavior and responses.

The Holy Ghost is the same as the Holy Spirit (it's two terms for the same). They call it a "ghost" to represent that it's a tangible entity. A REAL, LIVE, TANGIBLE, COMFORTING FRIEND who delivers, protects, empowers, heals, grants, and guides. Do not be confused into thinking that if someone has the Holy Spirit, that it means they have "religious spirit" or the "attitude" or "mentality" of being religious or Holy, like when someone really likes their school or their team, and they say it's "team spirit". NO!

Signs, wonders, healing, power comes with the Holy Ghost. And the Holy Ghost is still around and active just like in the days of the Book of Acts. The Holy Ghost comes from, through and in the Name of the Biblical Messiah: (Yeshua) Jesus Christ ONLY. There are Christian saints who live with the Holy Ghost upon their life, because Jesus Christ baptized them with his spirit. There is most definitely a difference between baptism with water, and baptism with the Holy Ghost (which only Jesus can give). Other Christians do not receive Holy Ghost baptism. Why? Perhaps sin. Perhaps their choices. Perhaps their lifestyles. Perhaps it's their own refusal to believe that it's real. Perhaps they only believe it when they read of it in the Bible. Perhaps they are not really a Christian. And take warning, it's blasphemy to call the Holy Ghost simply an "emotional reaction", as if it was created by someone's emotions. The Holy Ghost is not generated / created by emotions, or people. The Holy Ghost is generated and created by God. In fact, the Holy Ghost is part of God (the 3rd entity in the Biblical Trinity Christian Godhead). Jesus warns: "...the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men." (Matthew 12:31 KJV).

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