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// PRAYER 551: Prayer For The Punishment Of Pagan Noise Makers* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

*This prayer is for Christians who are continually tormented, bothered and irritated by the vibes and thumps of bass coming from sub-woofers of cars driving past. The wickedness of this pagan noise is an abomination to God, not just to Christians. Pray this when you hear / feel the noise, and there is another protection prayer you can use here.

In the Name, Power and Authority of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,
I renounce (officially reject) those pagan noise and vibes.
I ask you Jesus Christ,
that we be protected from that evil,
and that no evil be allowed into our home,
even when we hear and feel it.
Please position the Holy Ghost,
and guardian angels from Heaven,
to stand guard around us.
Please renounce that evil on our behalf,
even when we are asleep.

Dear God,
please punish the people who are broadcasting that noise,
for they are terrorizing the neighborhood with it.
They are sinning against all who they make suffer, and we know what you say about people who make Christians suffer.
Please consider trying to get them to repent of their sins.

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