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// Fear God Only: Matthew 10:28 #bible #truth* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Christians, remember that your Lord Jesus Christ made it very clear in Matthew 10:28 that we are to fear God only. We are to fear no one, and nothing but Jesus Christ alone. This is the teaching from Jesus' own mouth.

Many Christians are being tormented by fears. Some of these fears may be "logical", but most of them are lies of the enemy, lies from the media, lies from others and lies from our own traumatized and falsely trained brains. Fears about people, places, things, situations, the past, present and future. These fears need to be renounced (formally rejected through prayer proclamations using the powerful name of Jesus Christ outloud so the spiritual realm can hear it), and they need to then be handed to Jesus Christ so that he can deal with them. If you have been saved by Jesus Christ (a born again Christian), then Jesus Christ purchased you with his life and death on the cross. You belong to Jesus Christ and he is responsible for you. This means that he is also responsible for helping you with your problems and fears, so give them to him to deal with.

This doesn't mean that you personally won't have to deal with fears and problems still, but he can teach you how. He can lead you and supernaturally intervene on your behalf. Yes, he does still cause miracles every single day in the lives of his people. Many are feeling a total loss of control. If you give your problems over to Jesus to deal with for you, then you have not lost control, because he has been given control. Pray and focus on God's command to fear God alone.

Remember that your brothers and sisters in Christ are dealing with these same problems worldwide. Please consider them in prayer as well.

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