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Being a Christian, even a saved born again Holy Ghost filled apostle of Jesus Christ does not mean that someone is immune to sexual lust thoughts. Every abomination of lust towards women and men is something that everyone is having come into their thoughts, especially in these end times. Exodus 20:14 is a commandment set in stone telling us not to commit adultery. Jesus updated this commandment in Matthew 5:28 by proclaiming that willful lust (meaning acceptance and doing it willfully) towards others is also considered adultery, and God hates it. Christians living in these end times need to know that there are logical explanations for such thoughts, and they must learn how to deal with them properly and Biblically.


1. Brain Misfire: The brain has countless "pathways" of nerves throughout. These pathways get created by events in life (experiences, relations to others, movies, music, sights, sounds, stimulation, traumas, etc..) Anything can cause a brain pathway to "fire" (meaning thoughts or brainwaves to move through the area of pathways and memories) thus causing the memory or logged information to get brought back up suddenly. This may result in someone having a direct memory of what happened or what they saw or did. However, it may have a indirect result, where it may cause the brain to "morph" and "mix" the pathway memory with something that is currently happening, such as a current lust thought about a man or woman in the likeness or manner of pathway or memory. For example, if someone used pornography before they were a Christian, they created tons of pathways logging sexual abominations of men and women into their brains. (People who are accepting pornography are actually traumatizing their brain with evil, but they will not find this out unless they get saved by Jesus Christ.) As mentioned already - the result of these trauma pathways and memories can suddenly "fire", bringing up lust in a direct memory, or in a manner where it is morphed and mixed with something current, such as a lust thought over a current man or woman in the same fashion as the lust filled brain pathway / memory. *TAKE THIS AS A STRONG WARNING: Everything you are watching and listening to is getting stored into your brain.

2. Chemical Warfare: As we and countless other activists and leaders have been trying to teach, the USA is being over powered by toxic chemicals found in perfume, fragrance, cologne, soaps, lotions, cosmetics, laundry products, cleaning products, foods, etc...

"Since 1976 when TSCA (Toxic Substance Control Act) was passed, more than 80,000 different chemicals have been produced and used in the United States. In these 33 years, the EPA has required testing on just 200 of these 80,000 chemicals. Only 5 chemicals have been restricted." - saferchemicals.org

All part of the end times, mad scientists who are "playing god", are constantly creating new chemicals, with unknown and hidden ingredients hidden under the simple title of "fragrance" or "artificial".

"Fragrance secrecy is legal due to a giant loophole in the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1973, which requires companies to list cosmetics ingredients on the product labels but explicitly exempts fragrance. By taking advantage of this loophole, the cosmetics industry has kept the public in the dark about the ingredients in fragrance, even those that present potential health risks or build up in people’s bodies. Ingredients not in a product’s hidden fragrance mixture must be listed on the label. As a result, manufacturers disclose some chemical constituents on ingredient lists but lump others together in the generic category of “fragrance.”" - Environmental Working Group

Anyone who has seen a cologne or perfume commercial knows that they advertise lust. And guess what? The "trade secret" chemical fragrances they are creating have been scientifically manipulated and coded to cause the human brain to lust. "Musk" and other products are created using animal sex hormones, and who knows, perhaps even human hormones.

We have the following quote from a Christian man of God: "I walked into a fabric store that had a discount room. Someone had been in there before me and their cologne was very strong and lingering like an evil spirit even though their body had left. My first reaction was a toxic chemical reaction. I absolutely HATED the smell! My body hated the smell! I started to feel like I was suffocating, and started having an asthma reaction. I didn't know if I could stay in the room or not. I tried to ignore it and started to browse shop. Less than a minute later, my brain suddenly started having thoughts like "wow, a REAL man has been through here!", etc.. - as if I really like the smell and it was manly and macho. Thank God I know about spiritual chemical warfare, because I immediately followed 2 Corinthians 10:5 and took my thoughts captive to the truth. I renounced / rejected the thoughts I was having and proclaimed to myself that I was having a chemical reaction, that I actually do not like the chemical smell, I hated it. And I understood that the custom coded chemical was now trying to deceive my brain into having sinful thoughts towards another man. I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS, because it is contrary to who I am as a Christian, and it is contrary to who I am as a heterosexual man. I rejected the lies, I rejected the work of the chemicals, I proclaimed the truth about who I am, I proclaimed the truth about what the Bible teaches, and I moved on from the situation with a clean conscience. Thank God Almighty I know about chemical spiritual warfare!"

3. Spiritual Warfare: The enemy in some form (seducing spirit, spirit of lust, etc) is coming around trying to lead into sin. When someone is having temptation to sin, the Bible teaches us to "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." (James 4:7 kjv). Jesus is our ultimate example! In Luke 4:8, when the enemy was trying to tempt, Jesus commanded the enemy to get lost! And Holy Ghost filled Christians need to start using the authority that Jesus Christ wants to give them over the enemy! "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." - Jesus Christ (Luke 10:19 kjv). As a Christian, with faith in the power and authority of Jesus Christ and his Holy Ghost - command / rebuke the enemy to get lost. Proclaim outloud so the spiritual realm can hear it: "In the name and power of Jesus Christ I reject and rebuke the enemy!" Think about something else, leave the situation, do what it takes to get the lust thoughts out of your head and move on. Don't accept the thoughts, move on without acceptance of sin. Jesus Christ knows and sees all hearts and brains.

Heres the reality: the enemies of God Almighty (who are also your enemies) are using all of the above situations to deceive and destroy. Someone who is a Christian, and has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is suppose to have knowledge about the war that is going on, and how to deal with it properly, for their own survival, and the survival of true Biblical Christianity.

The Bible tells us to be "bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ" (2 Corinthians 10:5). THIS MEANS: know the Biblical 10 Commandments and other laws and ways of Jesus Christ. Know what God considers good and evil. Know what a Christian is suppose to accept. LET GOD ALMIGHTY DECIDE FOR US, NOT OUR OWN BRAINS WHICH ARE HAVING ISSUES IN THESE END TIMES! If sinful wicked thoughts come into our minds, we renounce / reject them in the name of Jesus Christ (taking thoughts in obedience to Christ). Instead we re affirm the truth of who we are as Christian men and women, and re affirm the truth about God Almighty and his laws and ways and Biblical Christianity, AMEN.

On the contrary, people who are un-saved, worldly, godless people are having all manners of lust abominations coming into their minds, and they are not rejecting it, instead the enemy deceives them into thinking that if it's in their head, then that's who they are and what they like. So, they go with it, accept it, act on it and our world gets worse as our "majority rules democracy" society is being over ruled by sin and wickedness. Read the book of Revelations as it is being fulfilled in these End Times!

"Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord." (Acts 3:19).

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