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// PRAYER 627: #POWER: To CONDEMN The Wicked Tongues: Isaiah 54:17 #christian* 47K+ ↓↓   ↓

Isaiah 54:17 has a powerful and intense guarantee from God, and it's against the wicked who lie, harass, mock, torment and plot evil. God say's it's part of our inheritance to come up against them. This is a prayer for the fulfillment of God's promise, and has been used by Christians around the world. Print it and pray it outloud. But first, make sure you have read all about it so that you understand the details. Read: God Says Condemn Their Wicked Tongues: Isaiah 54:17

Dear Jesus,
I come to you in prayer,
asking for your supernatural power and help.
You know what my enemies are doing and saying against me.
You have taught us that it's because we are Christians that all these things are coming against us.
In the Name,
Power and Authority of Jesus Christ my Lord and God,
I Renounce (formally reject) the lies, gossips, attacks and works of _______________ that are trying to come against me.
I Renounce their attempts to try to tear me down.
I Renounce the hurt,
pain and suffering it's causing me.
In according to the Holy Scriptures:
In Isaiah 54:17:
I CONDEMN the tongue(s) of ___________________.
I trust and pray to you Jesus,
that something spiritually will be done,
even if I do not know the results.
Please strengthen me to continue in this war!
I proclaim: I'M A CHRISTIAN!
I will NOT be tread down!
I will continue on no matter what!
I make the CHOICE to be strong in Jesus name!
I have been saved,
and the Lord of Heaven and Earth shall help me!
when you purchased me on the cross,
when I became your adopted child,
you obviously became willing to take my problems as well.
Please help me with __________________.
Help intervene and help me to be strong.
Help me to understand that you answer prayers in ways that I don't always understand.
Please come back soon and deliver us,
for whatever you have prepared for us is better than the best of this life!
Thank you for all you have done,
In Jesus name I prayer,

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