This is a Holy week in Christianity. Good friday (when Jesus Christ was arrested and payed for our sins with his life and death on the cross) and Easter sunday (when Jesus Christ, by his own power brought himself back to life - proving again to be the Lord God).
+ What is the Christian religion about: in one paragraph.
+ Jesus Christ on the Cross.
+ Recieve Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior God.
+ EASTER POWER: Jesus' Rest On Saturday, Resurrection On Sunday Is Extremely Significant

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We don't know you personally, we don't know where your heart is at or what you have been through in your life. We don't know all of your secrets and your hurts. But we care about you, and what happens to you! We care about the truth, and we want you to know the truth. Please let us share with you the truth that saved us personally, as well as countless people throughout history...

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John 14:6
"I AM the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father [GOD], but by me [JESUS]."

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Saying The Christian Truth Over And Over For My Brain, Emotions And Soul

    Published on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | 1,247 Hits.  Printer Friendly Version  Email This To Someone
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*This prayer is for Christians only. Christians are constantly bombarded with lies from the enemy through the media, other people, the enemy himself and the traumatized thoughts and nerve pathways in our own brains and emotions. It's time to repeat some Christian truth to help heal. Consider printing this and reading it when fears and lies come your way to bother you.

Jesus Christ alone is my God.
Jesus Christ alone is my Lord.
Jesus Christ alone is my Savior.
Jesus Christ alone is my Master.
Jesus Christ alone is my Religion.

I worship Jesus Christ alone.
I serve Jesus Christ alone.
I belong to Jesus Christ alone.
I religiously follow Jesus Christ alone.

There is only one God: Jesus Christ.
There is only one Savior: Jesus Christ.
There is only one way to God: Jesus Christ.
There is only one way to Salvation: Jesus Christ.
There is only one way out of Hell: Jesus Christ.
There is only one way to receive the Holy Ghost: Jesus Christ.

I'm a Christian.
I believe in Jesus Christ.
I belong to Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ has purchased me with his life on the cross.
Jesus Christ has taken my sins upon himself and paid for them in full.
Jesus Christ has helped me beyond my understanding.
I'm an adopted child of God through Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ loves me.
Jesus Christ knows me.
Jesus Christ is my protection.
Jesus Christ is my comfort.
Jesus Christ purchased my life AND MY PROBLEMS.

I'm a Christian.
I CHOOSE to stand strong through trials and tribulations.
I CHOOSE to reject lies of the enemy.
I CHOOSE not to fall into depression and hopelessness.
I CHOOSE to rejoice in the Joy of the Lord that he spoke of in John 15:11.
I CHOOSE to await Jesus' help in time of need!
I CHOOSE to trust in Jesus' Biblical truth.
I CHOOSE to trust in Jesus' promises.
I CHOOSE to have faith in the TRUTH!

I can trust Jesus Christ.
I can let Jesus Christ deal with my problems.
I choose to give my problems to Jesus.
I can go to Jesus in prayer.
Jesus hears and sees all within me.

I'm a Christian.
My religion is Jesus Christ.
I love Jesus Christ.
I worship Jesus Christ alone.
Jesus Christ will protect me.
Jesus Christ is with me.

The enemy has no power over me for Jesus Christ is my God!
The enemy has been defeated already by Jesus Christ!
The enemy hold has been broken off of me by Jesus Christ!
I have been empowered to overcome the enemy through Jesus Christ!
Jesus Christ has won this spiritual war for me!
Jesus Christ has given me the full armor of God!
I'm a Christian and I'm protected through Jesus Christ!

I love Jesus Christ!
I cherish Jesus Christ!
I need Jesus Christ!
I want Jesus Christ active in my life!
Dear Jesus,
please consider me!
Praise God and Amen!

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