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Health problems are an epidemic in our society. People are desperately trying to figure out ways to get healthier, and need help. Therefore we have composed a list of our top 10 ways to improve your health. Some of them may be ways you’ve never even considered. We hope and pray this list helps you and your family!

1. Pray For Health / Healing.
Jesus Christ still performs miracles every single day, all over the world for His Christian followers. He longs to have a prayer relationship with you, so tell Him what you need. Don’t just ask, beg, daily. Your miracle may be just around the corner!

2. Switch To Fragrance Free Products.
Perfume, Cologne, Laundry Soap, Dryer Sheets, Lotion, After Shave, Shampoo, Soaps, etc... Most mainstream products that the vast majority population (in the USA) are using contains the ingredient "Fragrance(s)". Sadly, most people have not yet been educated in the knowledge that the cosmetic / fragrance industry is self regulated (meaning they do not have the government controlling their ingredient use for our protection) and is not required to disclose what is actually contained in their so called "trade secret" fragrance formulas. These fragrances are not only unnatural chemicals, but dangerous. Many people who are suffering with various diseases could greatly improve their health, and potentially eliminate their problems if they would only switch to fragrance free items. Check out the website: Get A Whiff Of This for more information.

3. Reduce Chemical Exposures.
When we say chemicals exposures, we are not simply talking about the kinda stuff that’s found in factories. We are talking about the chemicals that are found in cleaning agents, and the items listed in #2 above. Don’t just get rid of fragrance, try getting rid of chemicals! There are safer, more natural alternatives available. Keep in mind that drugs (prescription, over the counter) are made from lab chemicals. Try to eat organic foods, as they are grown and produced without herbicides, growth hormones and pesticides.

4. Drink More Water (NOT TAP).
People’s bodies are desperate for water! Our bodies are suppose to have a certain level of water and hydration. With out this, problems can occur. Many health problems may be totally caused by dehydration. People need to stop drinking pop (especially diet pop which has ASPARTAME, a dangerous substance) and start drinking water. However, you should not drink city tap water, as it has things in it you do not want in your system. In fact, you should consider filters for your sink and shower. (Always wash vegetables in filtered water to avoid adding chlorine to them.) Do your research, as some bottled water companies try to pass off tap as if it was natural or spring. Also, avoid the plastic water bottles that appear milky instead of clear. These tend to "leech" plastic into the water.

5. Eat More Live, Natural Foods.
Dead, lifeless, processed foods do not help the body. What you need is raw, alive foods! Fruits, vegetables, greens, grains, etc... Organic foods if you can!

6. Take Vitamins, Real Vitamins.
When we say take vitamins, we are not talking about something you buy in the so called health section of walmart. We are not talking about dollar store vitamins. We are talking about high quality, healthy vitamins from your local health food store. Consider a live foods daily multi-vitamin, which can contain many things that your body needs, but is not getting from your diet.

7. Get Enough Sleep.
Sadly, many people are having a real hard time fixing this issue. Try not to use sleep drugs, as they are made from chemicals and may be dangerous. Use herbs. Use the herbs mentioned in #8 below. Do what you can to get more sleep. Take naps! Try following the Saturday Sabbath, and rest.

8. Manage Your Stress.
Everyday there is stress, and you need to manage it. Prayer is vital to manage stress. Pray for help! Also, rather than using drugs (prescription, over the counter) to manage stress, use what God intended: herbs! God has created many herbs to help manage stress: Ashwaganda, Chamomile, Holy Basil, Hops, Kava, Passionflower, Skullcap, St. John’s Wart and Valerian are some of the most popular. PLEASE consider trying L’ Tryptophan, 5-HTP and St. John’s Wort together daily, instead of anti-depression, anti-anxiety, anti-panic attack prescription medications. Do your research on these herbs and products, you will be amazed! There are other ways to manage your stress, such as relaxation, sleep, exercise, doing things that you enjoy.

9. Exercise.
Exercise is very important. Just doing things throughout the day is a form of exercise, but you can take it farther, and do things to strengthen your body. It’s good to sweat! Walking is excellent (if it’s somewhere with fresh air). Even if you are weak, and cannot do normal exercises, try standing up and pretend that you are walking in place. Lift and lower each leg and swing your arms. Do this more and more everyday, faster and faster. According to various studies, exercise releases pain fighting endorphins into the body!

10. LAUGH!
Laughing not only causes us to feel happy, relieves stress and tension, but according to various studies, actually releases stress and pain fighting endorphins into the body, and brings healing and health! Try watching funny comedies and laugh away! (Note that when we say comedies, we mean family friendly comedies such as the various ones produced back in the late 50's or early 60's. The more innocent the better. We do not condone the vast majority of tv shows or movies produced today, as they contain sin and wickedness, which is unhealthy to the body, mind and soul.)

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