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// PRAYER 146: Praise Jesus Christ #prayer #christian* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

All hail Jesus Christ! (Matthew 28:9).
All hail the creator of the universe.
Let us praise His holy name,
for He is responsible for all good gifts.
Let us praise the one who has delivered us from darkness.
Let us praise the one who has delivered us from hell!
Thanks be to our Lord,
who we profess King of all creation!
Thanks be to Jesus Christ,
for everything that He has made,
and given,
and done.
We worship the only begotten Son of God for His love,
His signs,
His wonders,
His healing touch.
We lift our hands to the sky and cry Holy is the Lamb!
Worthy of all honor and praise is our King Jesus Christ.
The one and only Christ!
The one and only Savior!
The one and only God!
Jesus Christ,
all of existence awaits your return.

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