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// PRAYER 164: I'm A Christian, I Shall Not Be In Fear! #anxiety #faith* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

I shall not be afraid!
I shall remind myself that I am a Christian,
and have not been given the spirit of fear,
but of Power (The Holy Ghost)! 2 Timothy 1:7.
Therefore I pray: Holy Ghost,
in the name of Jesus Christ:
bind the spirit of fear,
and rebuke it away from my life!
Destroy it’s evil attempts in my life,
so that I may be free to live without fear!
I choose to have faith in Jesus Christ,
for He is the creator,
owner and ruler of this world which I am walking through.
I shall proclaim,
The Lord is my helper,
I shall not fear what man could do to me! Hebrews 13:6.
The Lord Jesus calmed the storm, and the sea.
In amazement,
the Disciples proclaimed how even the wind and water obeys Him! Luke 8:24-25.
Please Jesus,
calm the storm I am going through.
Make the winds and the sea slow down.
Help me remember how when you awoke,
and rebuked the wind,
and asked: "Where is your faith",
because the Disciples were in fear,
even with you on board.
Help me to learn from this.
Help me to learn that You are with me.
Therefore, what is fear?

I choose to have faith in God! Mark 11:22.
Jesus Christ,
I profess You before people.
I trust You to profess me before Your Father in Heaven. Matthew 10:32.
Please destroy the works of the enemy that are attempting to operate in my life,
and increase my faith in thee!
Praise be the Lord Jesus Christ,
throughout all the world!

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