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// PRAYER 202: Another Christian Prayer For Strength* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

Jesus Christ,
I have accepted you as my Lord and Savior.
You have shown me great and wonderful gifts and blessings.
Please forgive my lack of strength,
but I feel so weak right now.
I need help!
This world is tearing me down daily.
Everyone and everything around seems to be getting more and more unstable.
This is why I come to you today,
asking for supernatural help!

God of Heaven and Earth,
comfort me in the suffering I am going through.
Comfort me through the pain.
Comfort me through the temptations that test me daily.
Lord Jesus,
hold me in your loving arms,
and comfort me with your Holy Ghost presence.

I am a Christian!
I will not be tread down,
I will continue on through all of these storms,
for I have been saved by Jesus Christ,
and my faith is founded on the rock!
I choose to have faith right now that my prayer for strength is being answered,
as I boldly remind myself that God himself is on my side,
therefore I am protected!
No matter what,
Jesus is in front of me,
behind me,
to the left and the right,
and I will not be afraid.
Lord God,
please remind me that though bad things happen in life,
you are not the cause,
but rather,
you are the one who will help me to overcome and keep waiting for the day when you will wipe away all of our tears!

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