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{Truth 206}

#Powerful Prayer For The Spiritual Cleansing Of A Home, Room Or Place

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VERY IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Please read carefully! The following spiritual warfare prayer will only work for a saved Christian. Try to get a copy of this prayer so that you can have it and read it without a computer. We suggest that you Print this prayer, read it over in advance so you know what to expect. If a home is to be spiritually cleaned, the first step is to remove out of it any sinful items that are bringing and allowing evil in (pornography, horror movies, filthy movies, false religious items, etc...) Note that this includes secret items that are brought in by others who live there. Second, various sins need to stop being committed in the home, such as fornication (sex without Biblical marriage). Christians must live according to the laws and ways of God - found in the Holy Bible. TRUTH: Jesus Christ, his Holy Ghost are the ones with power to destroy the enemy, and make things clean (Revelation 21:5, Matthew 28:18). Christians are the ones who need to pray and speak these facts of truth OUTLOUD, and with faith in Jesus' power, so that the entire spiritual realm can hear it. This is serious, and this is reality! More than we know is going on in the spiritual realm all around us. *Christians need to formally reject (renounce) the enemy and his workers, and formally claim their own grounds in the Name, Power and Authority of the Biblical Messiah Yeshua: Jesus Christ (Luke 10:19). ***Use this prayer, read it, pray it outloud everywhere you feel you need to do so. We suggest you use this prayer in every single room of your home. It can be used in a apartment, hotel room, vehicle, work office, etc.. IMPORTANT: Before, during and after this spiritual warfare work and prayer, you MUST ignore all interfering, fearful, contradicting thoughts. Repeat as necessary. It may be comforting to know that Christians all around the world are using this exact same prayer...

God, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost,
I am a Christian.
I believe and trust in your Holy Bible.
I believe and trust the truth,
that you alone have all power and authority in Heaven and Earth.
I come to you,
asking for the spiritual cleansing of this place,
for it to become new and clean supernaturally,
a safe Christian environment for me (and my family).

In the Name,
Power and Authority of Jesus Christ,
my Lord and Savior God,
Holy Ghost please do the work I need right now.
As a saved Christian,
I renounce and reject any sins,
known or unknown to me,
that have been committed here by anyone (including me or my family).
I renounce and reject any sinful items ever kept here,
I renounce and reject any sinful things that were broadcast here,
I renounce and reject any sinful or evil people who lived here or entered here.
In the Name,
Power and Authority of Jesus Christ,
my Lord and Savior,
I RENOUNCE AND REJECT any satanic claim attempts on this place, or on those who live here, or on items kept here, based upon these things that I have renounced.
As a saved Christian,
I command any demon, false angel, spirit or ghost trying to hang out here to be bound and rebuked away by the Power of the Holy Ghost and never return!
Holy Ghost I trust you to do this work right now.
I claim this place as a place of Christian spiritual safety and protection.
I bless this place in the name of my God; Jesus Christ.
I ask You Lord Jesus Christ to secure your blessing and spiritual protection while we (your Christians) stay and live here,
clean it with Your Holy Blood,
and let it be made as new for me (and my family).
Let only thy Holy Ghost and Holy Angels of Heaven be here with us!
Praise God!

Have faith and be at peace now, Jesus Christ has ALL THE POWER REQUIRED... "And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new." (Revelation 21:5).

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