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// PRAYER 220: Deliver Me From Sexual Temptation* 8K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
I come to you right now asking for your Holy help!
It seems like every day of my life I face so many sexual temptations that harass me.
Everywhere I go,
on the internet, the tv, the radio,
it’s everywhere!
Please strengthen me.
Your word says that adulterers, fornicators and those who willfully lust after others will face destruction.
I cannot stand these things,
and seek for you to forgive my sins,
and strengthen me not to keep sinning.
Only you can deliver from the sexual traps of satan.
Please GOD,
deliver me from the trials and tribulations of sexual temptation.
Grant me the strength I need to resist,
and turn away,
that my body may be a pure temple of God,
as your word says it should be.
Please cleanse my body,
and make it pure in your eyes.
Thank you.

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