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// PRAYER 241: Let The Healing Flow* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

God, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost,
please help me today!
I have a prayer, a need,
for healing at this time.
I have been waiting patiently, in faith,
trusting that you will do this for me,
but it has yet to happen.
Please let it happen,
and let the healing power of God flow through me.
Holy Ghost,
please touch my body,
and let your power bring me strength and endurance,
and heal me.
Rebuke this affliction with your mighty power,
as I choose to have faith that you can do so.
I do not understand why some get healed,
and others do not,
but I REFUSE to allow myself to believe that you will not heal me!

Jesus Christ,
my Lord and God,
you walked the earth healing everyone who called out to you,
even some who did not want you to touch them.
I call out to you today,
praying from my heart:
Let The Healing Flow through me,
and free me from this physical affliction once and for all.
Whether it be right now,
or in the next few days, weeks or months,
let it happen.
You are Holy.
Please forgive me of my sins,

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