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// PRAYER 249: Fear Comes Knocking At Our Door AGAIN!* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,
it seems like the breaks from fear and anxiety are so very short!
I have suffered for so long with waves of attacks just like this.
I am so very tired of this spiritual war!
In the Name, Power and Authority of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior,
I beg of you Holy Ghost to intervene!
Break satans attempts to disrupt our home with terror.
Break the enemies attempts to operate in our lives!
Please deliver us Holy God,
for you alone have the power to destroy the works of the enemy.
I choose to remind myself that I am a Christian,
I will tread on no matter what.
When the enemy comes to my door again and again and again,
I will renounce it's stupid lies and rebuke it in Jesus Christ name again and again and again.
Strengthen us thorough this constant war!

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