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// PRAYER 254: Jesus Christ, Love So Pure* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Such a love so pure,
is our Lord Jesus Christ!
He has taken away sin,
and destroyed it with His Holy Power!
He is the God of love and forgiveness,
peace and redemption.
Our Savior will return again,
and give unto His Christian saints,
a love so pure, so Holy, so powerful,
and keep them in it for all eternity.
Oh how I long to receive your salvation,
the gift of being totally forgiven of my sins,
and redeemed forever!
To have the Holy son of God tell His Father in Heaven about me,
is such a wonderful gift beyond words of description.
Dear Christ, you alone do I serve.
You alone do I worship.
You alone deserves all Glory and Honor and Praise!
Let the world rejoice,
Jesus Christ is our Savior!

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