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// PRAYER 259: Iím Tired Of Being Afraid #anxiety #panic* 10K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear God, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost..
Please hear my prayer to you today!
I have been so fearful and full of anxiety for so long.
When I look back upon my life,
I find it just full of fears and lies of the enemy about people, places, things,
all trying to fill my life with anxiety.
I am so sick and tired of being afraid,
and I want to change.
I cannot change without your divine intervention help.
Please consider me this day,
as I WILLFULLY CHOOSE to release my fears into your Holy hands.
Please take them and destroy them with your power.
Please break the bondages and chains to fear off of my life,
and let me be free from this in you!
Help me to retrain my brain to think about good, happy, loving things,
instead of the negative, fearful things.
Thank you for your consideration of me this day.

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