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// PRAYER 266: Christian Man Seeks Christian Woman #dating #marriage* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear God, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost.
I come to you today,
asking for your help!
I am trying so hard to be patient for a wife,
but at times it's a form of torment.
I want so much to have a Holy marriage in you God, sacred in your eyes.
I want to be the type of husband you want me to be,
and marry the type of woman you want me to have.
I have saved my virginity for her,
and I beg of you,
who ever you choose to bless me with,
tell her to keep her virginity for me alone!
Dear God,
will I ever be blessed to know what it means to be in true love,
the kind of love that only happens when God is also involved?
Will I ever find her?
I have prayed for her for so long,
and I'm afraid that I may never have my request answered.
Please comfort me Jesus.
Please hear my request.

Oh that she is out there somewhere?
save yourself for me and me alone.
I long to find you,
and give my all to you.

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