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// PRAYER 289: Cleanse My Mind Again #christian* 11K+ ↓↓   ↓

God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, Holy Ghost of Heaven,
please hear my prayer to you today.
I try so hard to keep all of these sinful thoughts out of my head.
I BELIEVE you when you say we are not to be thinking evil or lusting.
I do not want these thoughts in my head,
but they keep coming back.
I fight them to the best of my ability,
but they try to torment me!
I recognize that for years before I truly got saved,
I allowed sin to run freely in my mind,
and falsely trained my brain to think this way.
Please forgive me!
Please grant me your Holy touch,
that my brain might get healed and re-trained to think only good, and keep evil out.
Please do not condemn me!
I fear the wrath of God!
Please take all of my sinful thoughts to the cross of Salvation,
and strengthen me to fight and turn from any thoughts that are sinful, and that are against your Holy word.
Please protect me from perfumes, fragrances, laundry products, dryer sheets, toxins and all chemicals that may be affecting my ability to think and process information properly.
In Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen!

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