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// PRAYER 304: I Love Jesus Christ, I Will Have Faith* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus Christ,
my Lord and Savior!
I call unto you today,
asking for help with my family and myself.
Please intervene, and deliver us from all that we are facing.
Please deliver us from trials and tribulation.
Please supernaturally increase our health,
and make us strong again!
By your power, you calmed the sea.
By your power, the sick were made instantly healed.
They did not have to wait, they were healed instantly.
I do not understand your ways sometimes.
I do not understand why instant miracles can happen, and yet other things are so hard and take so long.
There is one thing I do know: I'M A CHRISTIAN!
I will stand strong, as I choose to have faith that all of my problems will be resolved through Jesus Christ!
You alone are Holy, and you will rescue me!
I LOVE Jesus Christ, and I will have faith!
God have mercy,
and grant our prayers and requests.
In Jesus name I prayer, Amen.

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