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// PRAYER 424: Letting Go Of The Fears And Problems* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
there are so many things that try to make me afraid.
Circumstances, problems, people, the past, present and future.
I come to you today,
and ask that I receive a supernatural break away from these things,
for the purpose of peace and renewal.
Please help me to hand my problems over to you and please deal with them for me.
What a gift it would be to look all problems in the face and say "the Lord deal with you!".
Dear Jesus,
take care of my family and I,
for without you we are nothing and can do nothing.
We need your supervision and protection at all times,
whether we know about it or not.
We need you to take your loving hands and wrap them around us.
Dear Jesus,
you alone do we worship and serve.
We renounce all others!
Thank you for all that you have done for us.
Thank you for saving us.

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