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// The Christmas Mother And Child* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

How powerful it is to think about that first Christmas.
How the mind cannot comprehend the totality of the truth,
yet we try each year.
The very spirit of God fills a sacred girl,
and the son of God is conceived!
She was chosen among all women,
and even through she was made by God,
she became the mother of God (the mother of Jesus).
The very prophecies of old being fulfilled as truth!
The word of God comes to life!
How wonderful it must have been to be able to see Jesus born that first Christmas.
How wonderful it must have been to see the most sacred of all children.
I'm sure his face was so beautiful, so perfect.
No one will ever understand what Mary experienced.
It's a mystery!
She sanctified herself for the Lord.
She made herself clean and pure for him.
She was devoted,
and she was made holy.
The wise men came to see Jesus on Christmas.
Help us Jesus,
to be wise this Christmas and remember you first among the rest!

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