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// PRAYER 476: It's Not Simply A Holiday #Christmas* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

The world calls it a holiday.
God's servants call it a HOLY DAY.
It's not simply a time.
It's not simply a day.
It's a sacred,
important celebration of the birth of God!
Yes he was in existence before this day,
but this is his birth as the Christ child onto earth!
He came here for us!
He came here for our salvation!
He came here to do what we can not fully comprehend!
Oh Lord Jesus,
how sacred and perfect you are.
How innocent and without sin.
You are the truth,
the way and the life!
You are my path,
and my goal.
You are the one who has set me free.
This is not just a holiday,
it's a HOLY DAY!

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