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// PRAYER 478: Birthday Reminder #christmas #prayer* 3K+ ↓↓   ↓

Dear Jesus,
I thank God for you!
I thank you for you!
You are so Holy and perfect,
and you are my great protector.
I pray that every time Christmas comes around,
that it act as a reminder of what you did for me.
Let it act as a reminder of what you have offered.
It's so amazing,
you as a little baby.
I know that you remained as innocent until the cross,
even though you had to know the depths of sin when you paid for it with yourself.
Oh Lord,
forgive me for my sins please!
Forgive me for everything wrong I have ever done (known and unknown to me).
I love and serve you and you alone Jesus.
Thank you for Christmas!

Emergency prayer request 1.30.18

Please pray to Jesus for us, we need divine help - our entire ministry administration is facing serious tribulation at this time, severe grief of loss, and now financial threat.