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// Absolutely Nothing Like The Joy Jesus Christ Brings* 4K+ ↓↓   ↓

We can laugh and sing and be joyous,
because we have found Jesus Christ!
We can have faith and peace,
knowing everything will turn out ok someday through Christ!
This joy,
the joy of Jesus is beyond words.
It's beyond anything this world has to offer.
The glory of the Lord Jesus is still working daily.
The power of Jesus is still protecting constantly.
The deliverance and promises he brings will never be canceled,
and cannot be destroyed.
An inheritance and future in a place that the enemy has no welcome in.
One day Jesus will wipe away all our tears,
and there will be no more pain or suffering - he has promised.
If you know the joy of Jesus,
do not let this world and it's evil steal it away.
It's your choice.
If you choose to stay true to God,
God will help you.
God is Yeshua: Jesus Christ the Biblical Messiah.

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