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For anyone, there may be incidents in which they use someone's soap, or touch a door or item that has perfume (cologne, etc...) that causes heavy fragrance to become affixed to their hands. Perhaps they cannot get the fragrance off, even after washing over and over with their own fragrance free soap. For a person who has Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS, a modern day affliction) - this can be a disaster.

There is a man who gives testimony of his experiences trying to get someone's perfumed soap off of his hands by using repeated fragrance free bar soap washings, switching to fragrance free liquid dish soap, switching back to bar soap, fragrance free shampoo soap, toothpaste, back to bar soap, etc.... Nothing could remove the fragrance that had been affixed. He learned of a God given technique, and if all else fails... this is something you should remember.

Go outside somewhere and start picking grass and dig up clumps of dirt. Get this stuff wet, and start scrubbing over and over with the grit of the dirt / mud, and the stalks of grass. Do this repeatedly, rinsing it off in between scrubbing.
If you live in the city, you may not have access to a yard... Pull some soil out of your potted plants and do it. Perhaps you would need to resort to purchasing a bag of soil (non-toxic, non-fertilized, organic, non-pesticide... don't make things worse by using toxic soil).

God's own dirt and grass is able to absorb and remove fragranced chemicals that have affixed themselves to the hands. If this article sounds crazy, well it's not the technique that's crazy, it's the poison that is used in the "fragrances" found in most Americans products. They call it "trade secret" formulas, and they don't have to tell you or the government what they are. Read more about it here:


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