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For people who have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities), finding a public bathroom can be a real struggle. As if chemical / fragrance cleaning agents, chemical / fragrance toilet bowl cubes and chemical / fragrance soaps weren't enough, now there is a real threat... Take warning!

Perfume diffusers are the new thing in public bathrooms. They are a fragrance time bomb, waiting to go off at any moment. And their victim is anyone who happens to be in the room at the wrong time, whether or not they think they have chemical sensitivities. Stores, restaurants and business owners who use these machines should be sued, and perhaps one day lawsuits will start up. People with MCS need to know the signs of bathrooms that have these machines in them, so they don't become a victim...

When someone is about to go into the bathroom, they can stand near the door. If they open it and just take a sample breathe, they will probably know right away if a diffuser is being used. In fact, some of these diffusers are turned up so high, and use such toxic fragrances, that a person doesn't even have to open the door to smell it seeping through the cracks and air flow. Some places get completely saturated in the fragrance. A person could also go to a manager and ask if their bathroom has a fragrance diffuser. Then the manager will ask why they want to know. If someone says, "I'm allergic to fragrances", that's when the manager will probably act like they are now talking to an alien from planet ZORG. But regardless, it should be their responsibility to disclose the truth, and go and find out if they don't already know about whether or not they are using a diffuser. Any steps that can be taken are worth it, because if someone is standing in that room, and suddenly hear the diffuser, they will become saturated in something that is full of toxic chemicals. *Do some truth research on the shocking "trade secret" ingredients in fragrance, perfume and cologne, which companies are not required by law to disclose.

People should Take warning, and have a preparation plan for what they will do if they get hit with a fragrance diffuser. It can ruin someones day. As the point of this article, to be prepared. Source out chemical / fragrance free bathrooms around the city and area where you live and travel, and return to them.

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