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....By having any activities what so ever that can be in any way associated with halloween (like being similar to halloween, or during the same time frame as halloween), the resulting message given (to the adults, the teens and the children) is that their family or church accepts halloween, and is involved in it somehow. Even IF the leaders or parents teach: "we are against the evil of halloween", one must ask: why are they celebrating and having any activities at all?

Is not Halloween itself the celebration of evil and wickedness? Is it not a socially accepted anti-Christ day? Isn't it considered a normal, designated time for people to manifest the wickedness that is in their hearts and minds in a tangible form? Isn't it the time when a man who is usually considered a upstanding father and citizen, has the compelling drive to set up his yard and home to look like a horrible crime scene? Why would Christians want to have anything to do with halloween? Why would they want to have any connection at all?

Christian Halloween? The word "Oxymoron" is defined as "a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self- contradictory effect, as in "cruel kindness" or "to make haste slowly."

And THEN There are churches that are totally pro-halloween. They are setting up "haunted houses" in their building. So called "pastors" and "Christians" watching horror movies. Teaching the confusion that halloween has "Christian" roots in "All Saints Day" or "hallo / hallowed eve". People calling themselves "Christians", who claim to worship God on Sunday, and on October 31 they partake with the pagans and celebrate the anti-Christ's biggest praise night? God gives many warnings about his revenge against evil, ESPECIALLY those who claim to be his and do evil. He will put these desolate "church" groups to shame.

Christians and churches should teach their families and congregations the rejection of halloween.
Family heritage participation should be renounced (formally rejected). Adults, teens and children should be taught that halloween is not of God. Christians should be taught to stay home and pray for protection over themselves and their homes from all the spiritual wickedness that is going on around in the world.

Instead of teaching their children the truth, many parents will be busy dressing their children up like witches, devils, monsters, vampires and sending them out to collect toxic candy (with artificial fragrances, flavors and additives that will negatively effect their body, mind and behavior) from strangers door to door.

How many parents even take the time to think about the traumatic effects on the brain, mind, sub-conscious, body and soul of their children, because of what they will see and hear on halloween? What will be the life long negative effects of this? Think back on your own personal halloween traumas.

Whos side are Christians on? God's side, or the devils? What does it mean to use the title "Christian"? Consider emailing or printing this article and giving it to pastors, parents and friends you care about. It will give them something to think about. And know, there are many, MANY Christians Against Halloween!

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