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Everyone wants to feel attractive and beautiful. The ways of the world are to tear down and destroy such feelings. Through peoples comments, the way others "look down" at people, and worldly media propaganda found in movies, tv, music, etc...

The enemy (the enemy of God and Christians) has programmed many things set to destroy peoples opinions of themselves. The enemy wants people to have hurt emotions, hurt feelings, bad (and sometimes evil) mental thoughts and failed self esteem in hopes that they might turn away from God. Heading towards God is exactly the path Christians are suppose to be on.

If you are a saved Christian... If you serve Jesus Christ the Biblical Messiah only... Then your identity is suppose to be in Jesus Christ. He purchased you with his life and death on the cross. He is your master, he is your God. Therefore, who you are should be primarily based upon your relationship with Jesus.

This reaches beyond just our struggle to be attractive. There is the struggle to achieve worldly status. In our jobs, in our friendships, and for many in the sense of popularity or fame. There are Christians who need to step back from their struggle, and realize that their Lord will get them where he want's them to be. The Lord will take care of them. They Lord will make choices for them (if we let him). And even if they cannot seem to get status in this world, that it's not about that anyway, because as a Christian, it's about getting status with God. It's about your identity in Christ.

If you are a saved Christian, then your beauty goes far beyond anything of the flesh. Regardless of your physical appearance: you are valid, you are worthful and you are gorgeous. It's not about the flesh realm, it's about the spiritual realm. Start focusing more on your spirit than your physical body. God has created and planned many wonderful things for you in the Heavenly Kingdom to come. He promised, and he never breaks a promise. His word shall not return to him void.

"So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." (Isaiah 55:11 king James version).

Dear Jesus,
Help me to remember that life is first and foremost about a relationship with you.
Help me to remember that I'm a Christian.
I belong to you.
My identity is in you: Jesus Christ.
My worth,
My beauty,
My validity is in you.
I choose to be strong,
For I have God to look out for me.
I have God to help me,
I have God to be there for me.
Lord Jesus,
I have been hurt by others,
comments, messages, media,
and they have tried to tear me down in many ways.
But I choose to overcome this,
knowing that you warned us of such things that would attack your people.
I choose to proclaim:
I'm a servant of the most high!
I will not be tread down,
I will overcome because Jesus Christ has overcome.
My identity is in Jesus Christ,

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